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Friday, January 4, 2008

Swinger Meet and Greets

Meet and greets are another way to meet swingers. As the name implies, these are parties formed for the purpose of bringing groups of swingers together so they can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Meet and greets are hosted by a swinger couple, swinger single or group of swingers. Meet and greets can be held anywhere swingers want to meet. They are usually held at either an off premises swingers club or swinger friendly bar or night club.

How do I find meet and greets in my area?

Swingers sites are the best places to find a meet and greet. Host couples will typically list their meet and greet information in their profile. If the swingers site has the ability to create- groups, then the host couples will form a group to keep other swingers informed of their upcoming meet and greets. Swinger websites that have groups include:

If you cannot find a meet and greet in your area, then you can start your own. All it takes is a little party organizing skills and some swingers in your area.

  • Find a place to hold your meet and greet. It could be an off premises, a night club, strip club or even a restaurant. Just make sure the place will accommodate all your guests. A restaurant is only recommended for small groups.
  • Start sending out invitations to people you would like to meet. This is best done on a swingers site and some sites have a party planner feature to allow guests to RSVP and see who is attending.
  • Depending on your group size, you might want to plan some ice breaker games to get everyone mingling
  • Enjoy meeting new people. While it will be some work on your part, it will provide a chance for you to get to know several local swingers.

Meet and greets have become a very popular form of meeting swingers lately because it allows swingers in areas where there are no swingers clubs to still meet other swingers and have fun too.

So get out there and support your local meet and greets or start your own. The point is to meet other swingers.

Swinger Clubs in Florida

This is meant to be a short list of swingers clubs in Florida. There is no way to include all of them because anyone can start up or close a swingers club at anytime.

Swingers Clubs in Tampa, FL area

Night Moves II and Tantra is two clubs in one.

Night Moves II is the off premises part of the swingers club. This is where you can dance, socialize and have a drink. It is a bottle club. This means you bring whatever you like to drink. Your liquor will be labeled so they know it is yours and kept behind the bar. When you want a drink, a bartender will make it for you. The bartender will charge you a set up fee to add mixers and/or serve the liquor.

Tantra is the on premises part of the swingers club. This is where you can go for some more intimate fun. This is very convenient as it is in the same building as Night Moves II. So you can pick up that great couple or single at Night Moves II and enjoy them sexually at Tantra without leaving the building.

It truly is the best of both worlds. To find out more, you can go to their website at

The owners of Night Moves II are actual swingers and that makes all the difference in your swinging experience at their club.

Club Elite

Club Elite is a two in one club located in Port Richey, FL. It has an off premises side called the Club Elite Private members club where you can have a drink and socialize. It is BYOB. You bring your own liquor. Mixers are provided by bartender. A set up fee is charged by the bartender to serve your drink. The on premises side is where you can go for sexual fun. You can learn more about this club by going to their website at

Pleasure Palace

Pleasure Palace has an off premises bar in the same building called Illusions where you can have a drink and socialize with other swingers. If you want to get more intimate, then just head over to the Pleasure Palace, which is part of the same building.

You can check out their web site at,

Swingers Clubs in Orlando, FL

Club Tastebuds is an off premises swingers club held at a night club/bar located in a hotel. Couples attending the party usually book a room at the hotel. Their website can be found at

The House It looks like there is a new club in Orlando. As the name reveals, it is a swingers club at a house. House parties are so much fun. One of my favorite swing clubs ever was at a house in the Chicago, IL area. I have not been here yet, but hope to attend soon. Here is their website:,

Swingers Clubs in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, FL

Trapeze Club

Our swinger friends highly recommend this swingers club. They loved it so much they traveled to visit the one in Atlanta, GA too. According to their website, they also have a location- in Philadelphia, PA.

Club Hedonism is another on premises swingers club to check out.

More swingers clubs in Florida (click the club name to go to their website)

Florida Social in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Emerald Coast Social in Pensocola, FL

Sapphire Lounge in Jupiter, FL

Clothing Optional Resorts

Clothing Optional Resorts
Clothing optional resorts are another place where you may find other swingers. In fact, some clothing optional resorts cater to the swinging lifestyle by having swinger conventions at them. See the article on Swinger Conventions by clicking here and you will find Grove Bash is a swingers convention held at a clothing optional resort.

While clothing optional resorts are open minded places for swingers to hang out, there are some things you should know.
Some resorts have residences where members can purchase condos, townhomes or land and live there full time. These residents may be nudists, swingers or both.
Not all nudists are swingers - This means that while you may see a hot babe naked, it is not an invitation to touch or make sexual advances.
Sexual advances in public may not be tolerated depending on the resort.
Sexual activities in public may be restricted to certain areas like your hotel room or a party area.
Follow the rules
Attend the resort with other swingers to avoid offending non-swingers who might be at the resort too. When everyone is naked or dressed similarly, it is hard to tell who is a swinger and who is not.
As long as you know and understand the rules of the resort, then you should be able to have lots of fun.

In choosing a clothing optional resort to attend, you may wish to do a little research on the resort.

You can do this by:
Going to the resorts web site.
Asking other swingers about the resort
Finding out if other swingers are hosting events or parties held at the resort

Some clothing optional resorts are listed below:

The Grove - Northern Georgia (between Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC)
Website:The Grove (

Live Oak - Washington, Texas (between Austin, TX and Houston, TX)
Live Oak freely
Driving times from Washington, TX to Houston, TX is about 1.5 hours and Austin, TX is about 2 hours according to MapQuest (
Website: Live Oak (

Count down to rollout

Swinger Zone Central
Count Down to Rollout

With only 224 days to rolloout it is time for a little more of the rollout plans for Swinger Zone Central.

It has been 32 days since my last article. What have I been up to?

After completing the search pages for the website. I began to work on the Groups portion of the website. This was completely re-designed to make it far superior to the old design used on

Each group has tons of functionality that was not available to users in the past. Just for starters I re-worked the whole concept from start to finish so it really make sense to people. It is simple to understand and use.

We lost the whole founder principle and went with a moderator principle. I know it is basically the same thing but in this case we will give people the ability to take over stagnate groups so they will not really be the founder but rather a moderator.

Next we decided to loose all the criteria selections in creating a group. We did this to simplify the entire process. We never really used these in the past so it made the entire group create a chore. Now to create a group it takes about 30 secs.

We also added some better back end tools for the moderator to run the group.

We also added a forum where the moderator can created their own forums within the group.

So it now has the following tree:

Group Name
Forum Name
Forum Post
Forum Post
Forum Name
Forum Post

The moderator can create an unlimited amount of forums. Users of the group or the moderator can created an unlimited amount of topics or postings.

We also added a Blog feature that is much like a forum but it gives people the ability to reply to a topic but not create a topic unless they are the moderator of the group.

This will give the moderator a sounding board.

We also added the usual stuff like Group Main Page, Member List, and Galleries.
The we took it a step further and tied in the parties into the groups as well.

We also added a polling feature so users of the group or the moderator can create new polls.

Lets talk about the tie in to the swinger parties from the swinger groups.

When I first created Group Central on my original concept of this feature was to create what I call a circle of friends.

The problem was we never tied it back to the correct places on the website so it always seemed like just another feature that was all on its own.

Well now the groups tie into everything. When you create a party you can invite everyone in your group or select people from your group.

I also added a feature inside the group to create a special group party. This way you can create a swinger party for anyone on the website or a group specific party. We also added another feature to parties. This new feature will allow users to create a public party and have it posted throughout the entire website.

This way people can create huge parties with thousands of people. This will work great for swinger conventions. We also added a feature for swinger clubs to create a party.

I also wanted a way for the moderator to keep the group current a fresh so the moderator will have tools to determine how often people visit the group.

All of these features will be included at no extra cost to anyone. On this website when you pay your membership fee you get access to everything the site has to offer. We will never charge you a dime extra for any new features added.

As a swinger and a website user I always hate it when a website wants to nickel and dime people to death. You will never have that problem on this website.

Our membership fees will be lowest you can find on a decent website and we will have to finest features and support than anyone else around. How can you go wrong with that?

This new website will be much less restrictive to users. Meaning we will allow clubs to advertise for free and we will not restrict peoples ability to communicate in any way. As a matter of fact you will be able to send messages to groups of people easily.

We want to do this in such a way that will make it easy for people to get large groups of people together for the purpose of swinging. Of course we will continue our zero tolerant spam policy but we will take an approach of catching the violators rather than restricting the non-violators. We can do this because we will have much better tools available to catch violators in the act.

While I am at it I will discuss another matter.

On the Swapper Network we allowed people to create a thirty day trial and then it would expire after thirty days. We also removed peoples ability to see pictures after two days.

This caused problems because once someones picture viewing ability was lost they would just signup account after account after account.

These became known as M.A.V.''s (Multiple Account Violators). We have solved this issue. We are going to make a trial membership never expire and we are going to allow access to only the master photo posted for trial members.

People will still have the ability to block this photo to trial members. Doing it this way there is never a reason for someone to signup more than once. They will not get anything for doing it so it is a mute issue. This should keep the database clear of the MAV''s you now find on the Swapper Network.

The entire idea of this new website will be for Swingers to meet other Swingers. We are going to make that whole process as fast, easy, safe and as affordable as we possibly can. We are going to provide you with enough information to decide if you want to meet someone without violating someones privacy.

You will have access to this information without waiting forever for pages to load and it will not break your bank account to use this website. You will have feature that are not available on other website of this type that will make your entire experience here a true pleasure in more ways than one.

We are also adding a swinger news feed that people can add to their own website if they wish. More on this feature will be forthcoming soon. I will only say that people will be able to add news, stories and events to this feed that will be made available to a very large audience.

- Paul

How to meet swingers online

When we ran, we got asked many questions how to be more successful using our website.

One question we got more often than not was:
I signed up to the website but I am not getting a lot of response. What can I do to improve my response?

Answer: Think of an online swingers site like walking into a bar with thousands of people. What is going to separate you from everyone else? I once created a list called the ten commandments of swinging online.
Below is what I consider the most important things to do.

Fill out your profile in as much detail as you can.
Always post pictures with your profile.
Send messages to others.
Always read someone''s profile in full before you contact them.
Never judge people on what others say. Make your own opinions.
Login every day.
Read as many profiles as you can.
Reply to every single message you get.
Spell check and make sure your profile reads correctly.
Now I will go over each commandment and tell you what I mean by these.

1. Fill out your profile:

This is one most people overlook the most. No one is going to be able to find you or click on your profile if you do not take the time and energy to fill out your profile. If a question is asked, you should answer it as honestly and completely as you possibly can. These questions are what help others to figure out if you are someone they want to meet. If you have one word answers to everything, then it not only shows you have not made an effort but it also will not give someone enough information to go on. Also, add some humor to your answers and always place something in your profile that is a dead give away so you know someone has taken the time to read your profile. Something like. If you have read this profile and decide to contact us, then place "Swinger Rules" in the subject of your message. If your message does not include that on the subject line we will not respond to you.

2. Always post pictures with your profile:

Posting pictures is a subject that I have always found to be a tricky thing. What I mean is so many people block faces out. Some people post only a crotch shot. Some people post cartoons and some people just post a normal photo with clothes on. What I think is the best photo will probably surprise you. The best type of photo to post is the one that makes you the most attractive to others. What is that type of photo you ask? It is a photo of you fully clothed and showing a full body shot with enough detail to show your face. Now why is this the best photo to post on a swingers site? Lets take a look at the why. People that post only crotch shots. I find this one to be the funniest of all of them. I will explain what I mean. Lets say you are corresponding with someone that has only crotch shots posted and you decide to setup a meeting for dinner or something like that. Now you walk into the restaurant and you are not able to identify the people you are trying to meet. What are you going to do? Walk around and ask people to remove their pants so you can identify the pussy or cock you saw online? Sounds silly, but it actually happened to us once. The same holds true for people that only post blocked face shots or cartoons.
Bottom line: If you are a swinger and you are on a swingers site, then post pictures so people can identify you. I know some people wish to be more discreet. If so, then make those pictures private and post attractive public pictures that do not identify you. Then you can grant access to the private photos when you decide to meet someone.

3. Send message to others.

If you signup to a swingers website and just sit around and wait for others to contact you, then you will probably be disappointed in the response you get. What you need to do is look for people that appeal to you and send out as many messages as you can. Do not be afraid of rejection. In swinging, it is normal and expected to be rejected. Not everyone in the world wants to have sex with you. It should not be taken as an insult. It is just the way it is. Depending on what someone is looking for, you may not meet their criteria. Example: If someone is looking for only a single female to join them and you are a couple or single male then you are probably going to be rejected by them.

4. Always read someones profile in full before you contact them.

It is so important to really read someones profile before you contact them. It will save you and others a lot of time and trouble if you just follow this simple rule. Some people add things to their profile to make sure you have read it. See 1. Fill out your profile above for more information on this.

5. Never judge people on what others say. Make your own opinions.

This is something I really hate. Someone says to me ..."do not meet that couple because they are crazy people". Some of my best friends today are people that others told me not to meet. Make you own opinions and do not let others influence how you feel about people.

6. Login every day.

This is important because it will show others you are active. If someone sends a message to you and it takes you a week to open it and reply that other person may just loose interest in you. Also, most websites have a who''s on list and it is another way to get you noticed. Plus, logging in every day will give you a chance to search for other profiles and send your messages out. You never know, someone that is your perfect match may have signed up to the website yesterday and if you do not login for a week you may overlook them. This is because most websites have a who''s new listing, which by the way you should always look at. This list will usually show anyone that is new within the last day or two.

7. Read as many profiles as you can.

Why would you want to read tons of profiles? Simple, it does two things for you.
1. It will allow you to find other people that may appeal to you.
2. It is a great example to guide you as to what you may have missed in filling out your own profile. It will give you an opportunity to improve your own listing if you run across a really great profile. However, never copy someone else''s profile. Use them for ideas but always make it your own.

8. Reply to every single message you get.

Why is this important? Well, for several reasons. If you never respond to people you may get a reputation for never responding to people. Remember, you are always being judged by others. The other reason you always want to reply to someone is because it is just plain rude not too. Someone took the time and effort to write to you and you should take the time and effort to respond even if that response is just a simple no thank you.

9. Spell check and make sure your profile reads correctly.

If you type like a redneck then people will think you are one. Always spell check your work and re-read it several times for grammar issues. Make it look professional and people will have more respect for you.

10. Network

Sending messages, replying to messages, talking with people, reading profiles, telling others about someone else and meeting people are the most important aspects of swinging. If you try to build friendships first you will have more gratification, then if you are someone that I call a bed notcher. Meeting people for sex only is ok for some people, but it is not my cup of tea. I would rather meet people that I can include in my circle of friends. This way we can all get together in a group setting and everyone knows everyone else. To me, these types of meetings are always the funnest.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


For all those swingers out there. This blog will be an on going information page during the development phase of a new website currently in the works.

This website will be nothing short of amazing. It will bring together all of the best aspects of all current swingers sites out there and loose the bad ones. Then it will add some features not found anywhere else.

This website will not be rolling out for a while but I figured I would give people a change to post some comments about things they like about other websites out there and things they hate.

Who am I you ask?

Well if you have been into Internet swinging for a while since say 1999 then you probably have either heard of me or know me.

We created one of the most successful swinger websites on the planet that is still running today. We currently are no longer affiliated with this other website however as we have sold our stake in that venture.

Anyway enough about history. Let talk about the future. Our staff is hard at work to bring a website to the Internet like none other you have ever seen. I am sure if you have used Internet swinger websites in the past you have probably run into the same old issue.

1) Email back and forth then nothing comes from it.
2) Too many single males.
3) Too many fakes and phonies.
4) Website is too expensive month after month.
5) GUI design is terrible.
6) Has some good features but not enough.
7) Website to complicated to use.
8) Website is too slow.
9) Seems like yesterdays technology.
10) Webmaster that do not have a clue or do not really care about the website.

I am here to tell you we have addressed all of these issues and then some with our new design.

Have you guessed who we are yet? OK lets make it interesting. If you can guess our names you will get the first lifetime memberships to this new website for free. Email your answer to

These free memberships will be given out the day of roll out. We plan to give out several hundred of these memberships for our founding members club.

The only way to get one of these memberships is to play along here leading up to the roll out of our new website and try to win one.

After roll out these free memberships will be in short supply so stay tuned to this blog for your chance to get one.